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    AD&D 2E 1st Level Pre-Generated Characters

    Good Afternoon. Thought I would share my recently completed Pre Gen character List I plan on using for my One-shots.

    There are 90 Pre Gens in this Module. All characters are single class and follow racial restrictions set forth by 2E Forgotten Realms. So there are Elven/Halfling Druids.

    The characters have Priest/Arcane Spells added along with Some Gear. Players will need to pick their Proficiencies, Weapons, Armor, and Thieving Skills. I've also included the optional rule of Bonus NWP's based on Added Languages.

    Enjoy ^.^
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    Nice job.
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    Sweet, thanks!
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    Hi the link seems to be broken and does not download a usable file

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccd View Post
    Hi the link seems to be broken and does not download a usable file
    Welcome to the FG forums. The link works fine for me - the file downloaded is AD&D 2E PreGen - 1st Level.mod - this is a Fantasy Grounds module file, don't double-click on it! You'll need to copy that file to your <FG app data>\modules directory - get to <FG app data> by clicking the folder icon in the top left of the main FG startup screen.

    Further information on module files is available in the Wiki here: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...erview#Modules
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