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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilram the Grey View Post
    I don't know who is responsible for registering whether an application is 32 or 64 bit.
    It's not a matter of simply registering an app to be 64-bit or not. The app itself has to be compiled as a 64-bit app. We made an attempt in Q4 2018 to port FG Classic to 64-bit and we were unsuccessful due to some library dependencies. We were hoping that FGU would be out as a suitable replace by the time this hit, but we are a few months out from that still.

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    I have a different Windows Desktop. The solution I've landed on until I find a better one is to use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to IT. That way I'm not burning out my CPU running a VM and taking up 10+ gig just to run a non-3d desktop app.
    I'll run all my sound from the laptop as per normal, but the server/client from the windows machine.

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    I updated to Catalina — yes, I always update. Yes, I can’t play now as well as many other customers. You can shrug and say “I should’ve waited...” and play the worlds smallest violin. Yes, I may leave to Roll 20 until a 64bit client is released.

    I’m disappointed.

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    You do have alternatives. Boot camp we are told works and I know from my own experience that parallels virtual machine works. That option is an additional expense but it is an option.

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    I’ll try it — Where can I purchase an inexpensive version of Windows online? $139 seems to the be the going rate — is there a cheaper alternative?

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    Anyone have an extra key laying around for windows?

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    Go talk to a local independent computer shop and see if they will install a OEM version of Windows on for cheap.
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    Another option is to install Linux on a virtual machine on your Mac and run the Windows version of FG in there within Wine. That would not require a Windows license, so would be free. FG runs just as well for me on Linux + Wine as it does on Mac + Wine (before Catalina). If you use a free VM tool like VirtualBox, instead of a paid one like Parellels, the whole setup is free.

    As with any such workaround, YMMV and some technical knowledge may be required.

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    Windows 10 does not require a license. After 30 days you cant adjust some of the desktop theme items, but everything keeps working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    Windows 10 does not require a license. After 30 days you cant adjust some of the desktop theme items, but everything keeps working.
    You'll also have a constant watermark on the screen reminding you to activate. But, yes, MS have become much more lenient since they've decided to focus more on services (O365, Azure, etc.) than Windows. They don't even withhold updates anymore or otherwise nag you.

    For those considering this...
    Here's the official place to get the installer for Windows 10:
    Don't download Windows from somewhere other than Microsoft, as you won't be able to be sure something unpleasant hasn't crawled into the installer.*

    *I think Parallels automates this for you, and they would be a trustworthy source. I haven't used Parallels in about 10 years, so I'm not positive.
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