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    One of the challenges is that we have no way to identify Mac users, since there is no differentiation in the product sold; nor a mechanism to "warn" people. The best we could do without adding development is to add a note at the top of the launch screen (which people usually ignore anyway). We're trying to keep our focus on FGU, since it is natively 64-bit, and we're planning to have a Mac version. (especially since the current version can not be converted to 64-bit without a major rewrite of libraries and a lot of development time)

    There is the Thursday newsletter. Admittedly not everyone reads it but they cannot say you didn't warn them just that they didn't read the warning.

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    I'd agree, at least some warning should probably be published just so you can say you did, could help soften any potential backlash.

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    The other thing I have noticed over the last few months is that I keep getting random pop up warnings that some piece of software I have will not work with the next OS. so far all of it has been stuff I had forgotten I had installed, let alone even needed. I don’t use wine (I use parallels VM), so I haven’t seen a warning about that. Since I just got another warning last night, I have no idea how thorough whatever background check that’s running is in checking things because it just seems random when something pops up.

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