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    Token problems

    Running Curse of Strahd module with version 3.3.8. Had the update for me (I'm the DM). Not really a problem but sort of weird. On my screen tokens of NPCs are not showing up as the pretty image on the map but as something like a 8 bit figure for a monster and a shield for a friendly ... but only on my screen. And when hidden they are visible on my screen. However everything is normal on my player's screens.

    Any thoughts?


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    There's an issue where the map-to-token scale can get set in a way that the token widgets are too large/small.

    If you right click on any token, select the Release Token Scale option, zoom out/in until your token fills one square, then right click again, and select Lock Token Scale. That might fix the issue, depending on your map resolution and token resolution.


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