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    Error Importing Character

    Hello! I have three of my players importing their DnD Beyond characters. Two of them were completed successfully, but my third player is having a problem. When I went to import the XML file this is the error I received.

    Database Error: A XML parse error occurred processing file C:\Users\Jordan\Downloads\Karma.xml - Error on line 989: Error reading Attributes.
    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_campaigndata.lua"]:135: import: Unable to parse file
    Here is what is on line 989 if Notepad++ imported it correctly. Also added a copy of the XML file.

    The other two characters worked just fine so I'm not sure why this third player is having issues. Any idea on where to start?
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    My editor (Notepad++) is complaining about extra characters at end of document when I open it. I bet there are some hidden control characters embedded at the end. Opening in text editor and re-saving seems to have stopped the complaint.


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    I get this error in Notepad++ using the XML plugin syntax check:

    This is slightly misleading. What is usually means is that there is content within the XML that has been opened but not closed (or closed but never opened) and the syntax check has got to the end of the document and found it doesn't have all XML tags opened and closed correctly.

    In this case, the problem is line #989:

     <group type="string"Class Features</group>
    The XML group tag is not opened correctly, but is closed.

    Add one ">" character to this line as follows:

     <group type="string">Class Features</group>
    Now the XML is correct.

    You may also have issues with the &nbsp; entries - if you do just do a find replace with a space character.
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    Thank you Trenloe for the assistance. I didn't know Notepad++ had a XML plugin which makes this even more useful going forward. I made the two changes, line #989 and all of the nbsp entries, and it's working find now.

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