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    FGU Playtest - Known Items

    This thread will be used to track known items reported during FGU play test. The items will be broken into To Be Fixed; and Known Differences (from FG Classic).

    Known Differences

    • Any assets that you have purchased will be available via the Assets button. They are not actually loaded until they need to be displayed, so take up negligible memory until viewed/used. Please note that not all DLC products are available on FGU yet.
    • By design, image records are not created automatically based on the existence of files in your campaign images folder. Because each image record can now be anywhere from zero to multiple different image assets, we can't assume one file equals one record. Drag assets to existing image records, or onto image list to create an image record with that asset.
    • Maximize covers whole screen including taskbar. This is limitation of Unity, only full screen maximize allowed by Unity platform.
    • Files can no longer be dragged and dropped directly into Images list or Asset view. This is a limitation of Unity platform.

    Features Not Implemented Yet

    • Return to Launcher and Reload options are not implemented yet.
    • Window minimize is not implemented yet.
    • Player image drawing is not implemented yet.
    • Image folder layers are not implemented yet.
    • Image synch client view is not implemented.
    • Mood lighting is not implemented. Currently, we are not planning any implementation, though we may revisit after launch.
    • Token locking is not implemented. While we want some sort of movement history or approval long term, we haven't decided what that will be yet.

    Planned Functional Behavior Changes from FGC

    • Local mode has been deprecated. Create an empty campaign to import/edit/export characters.
    • Anybody can create a campaign, but only licensed users can host a session (including localhost sessions).
    • Image lock client view has been deprecated.

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    Reported Items - Main App

    • [FGU-49] - Text selection via mouse does not auto-scroll
    • [FGU-50] - Text selection region displayed outside text field
    • [FGU-229] - Add ability to name layers and folders in IDC
    • [FGU-278] - Disable/enable IDC toolbar buttons based on tool selected
    • [FGU-327] - Display scaling not implemented
    • [FGU-348] - EULA License cut off on right edge
    • [FGU-361] - Investigate option to disable dice sounds
    • [FGU-367] - Minimize radial menu option does not minimize window, but does prevent further interaction
    • [FGU-370] - Cursor incorrect when hovering over image links
    • [FGU-377] - [5E] Entering new language on PC sheet does not display text until field exited
    • [FGU-390] - Add Tab/Enter navigation support to launcher
    • [FGU-403] - Color not getting set correctly in Layers->Transform tool
    • [FGU-411] - Investigate why explode low and high on same dice is not working
    • [FGU-413] - Color field not updating correctly in paint mode
    • [FGU-425] - [CoC] Occupation text not appearing when dropped on PC
    • [FGU-427] - [5E] Investigate italic font defined for notes
    • [FGU-428] - Uneven FT tables not drawn correctly
    • [FGU-429] - Cursor and selection region not placed correctly when editing centered text fields
    • [FGU-434] - [PFRPG/3.5E] Spell group not created when number of spells per day updated
    • [FGU-437] - [PFRPG/3.5E] AC frame graphic cut off on top
    • [FGU-439] - [PFRPG/3.5E] Numerical widgets not displaying when editing PC number fields via mouse wheel
    • [FGU-452] - [5E] Max Critical dice roll not dividing rolls into correct damage clauses
    • [FGU-590] - Assets button graphic not updated for 5E or any themes.
    • [FGU-592] - Long campaign names cause overlapping text in Host Campaign screen
    • [FGU-598] - onDoubleClick not working in One Ring ruleset
    • [FGU-605] - Party sheet HP bar color drawing over whole window (PFRPG2)
    • [FGU-610] - Dice too dark and hard to read
    • [FGU-611] - Dice too bouncy, take to long to land
    • [FGU-614] - Custom die asset icons not being displayed in chat window results (One Ring ruleset)
    • [FGU-616] - Ability to select/filter network connections
    • [FGU-617] - Some window lists incorrectly scrolling
    • [FGU-628] - On some machines, missing DLL message for Lua5.1.dll prevents application start
    • [FGU-629] - [2E] Sheet using several subwindows and windowlists is not drawing correctly
    • [FGU-632] - [SWADE] Character sheet lockup issue
    • [FGU-633] - Investigate Unity audio settings
    • [FGU-634] - [2E] Anchoring not matching FGC in some windows
    • [FGU-638] - [5E] Multiple layout issues on PC Actions tab
    • [FGU-639] - [CoC7E] Percentile rolls three dice (Requires developer to update ruleset)
    • [FGU-640] - When stretching window across monitors, top/left is always placed on primary monitor
    • [FGU-645] - [5E] Issues creating items in Item Forge
    • [FGU-648] - GPU running very high on some machines
    • [FGU-649] - Paging in campaign lists does not reset scrolling
    • [FGU-653] - Multi-die fields in FGC imported characters are missing dice.
    • [FGU-654] - [5E] Right-clicking while dragging damage roll prevents damage from applying.
    • [FGU-657] - [SWADE] Blood splatter graphic on PC sheet is too large
    • [FGU-658] - [SWADE] Dragging and dropping PCs to CT creates empty entry
    • [FGU-659] - Clicking in Notes field causes selected line to scroll off screen
    • [FGU-669] - [5E] When resting, abilities are not displaying correctly
    • [FGU-671] - [PF2] NPC entry attack rolls not recognized
    • [FGU-678] - Export success message not displaying when pregenerated character records exported
    • [FGU-682] - Unable to move cursor to right edge of table label fields
    • [FGU-683] - Layout of table label fields is not correct
    • [FGU-690] - Click or typing in NPC text field causes subwindow to scroll
    • [FGU-692] - Fast text entry after backspace will delete instead of add
    • [FGU-693] - [CoreRPG+] Unable to target tokens without selecting source token first
    • [FGU-703] - Text selection occurs while dragging FT link
    • [FGU-704] - [PFRPG] Window headers not displaying when using official Pathfinder theme
    • [FGU-706] - Voting circles missing on player client
    • [FGU-707] - Extra line appearing in dice box frame
    • [FGU-719] - Die mode limit operator in dice expressions is not working
    • [FGU-794] - Dialog text fields are not grabbing keyboard focus from ruleset text fields
    • [FGU-795] - Review and/or prioritize image client view synch
    • [FGU-803] - Distance calculations for hex and iso grid types are not correct
    • [FGU-826] - Party sheet Order tab image toolbar does not work
    • [FGU-828] - Global mask does not hide mask-sensitive NPCs
    • [FGU-831] - [BRP] Lots of startup console errors, and unable to load modules
    • [FGU-833] - [5E] Portraits not being built correctly
    • [FGU-835] - Mask sensitive tokens owned by player can not be seen or selected
    • [FGU-837] - Formatted text table not showing final line
    • [FGU-838] - Resizing high-resolution image with lots of shortcuts causes stutter and hangs
    • [FGU-840] - Changes to formatted text fields in modules are not being saved
    • [FGU-847] - Unable to import PC from previously played campaign as a player
    • [FGU-848] - [SWADE] Child windows in CT visible on initial add when they shouldn't be
    • [FGU-849] - Custom image pointers are not working
    • [FGU-853] - [5E] Negative dice effects not working (such as Bane)
    • [FGU-854] - [SFRPG] Weapon entry not created on add to PC sheet
    • [FGU-855] - [SFRPG] Language chat as GM always showing as secret message
    • [FGU-857] - [5E] Hit Dice icons not displaying on remote player
    • [FGU-858] - Players can not see other players' portraits (remote)
    • [FGU-859] - Sharing violation error when receiving portrait updates
    • [FGU-886] - Portrait and Token image scaling worse in FGU, and missing background
    • [FGU-891] - Control+U will sometimes italicize text in formatted text fields
    • [FGU-893] - When Shift dragging as GM, GM LOS/FOW is not updated, but player LOS/FOW still updating
    • [FGU-894] - Token disappearing if rotated 90 degrees before resizing
    • [FGU-895] - Locking drawing mode while GM and player currently drawing prevents player from exiting draw mode.
    • [FGU-896] - Link pins shared by GM via radial menu does not share pin nor change pin color
    • [FGU-898] - Exported image pins are not linking to exported stories correctly
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    Reported Items - Updater/Settings/Installer

    • [FGU-341] - Moving updater between monitors with differing resolutions makes interface inaccessible
    • [FGU-572] - Changing application path after update does not work
    • [FGU-575] - Input validation on username/password not working for all users
    • [FGU-587] - Installing to non-standard directory prevents updater from running after initial install
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    Reported Items - Mac Specific

    • [FGU-820] - Unable to span Mac FGU client across multiple monitors
    • [FGU-839] - Updater not running in OSX 10.12
    • [FGU-843] - Radial menu Maximize changes screen resolution on Mac (requires Unity update)
    • [FGU-879] - Using arrow keys in formatted text fields inserts control characters.
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