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    FGU Playtest - Overview and Download

    Welcome to FGU play testing. When you are granted access to the playtest, you will receive a link to the FGU installer in your email registered during Kickstarter fulfillment.

    Please note that there is an additional play testing agreement you must agree to in order to use FGU during the playtest. One of the key points is that we don't want anyone talking about the state of FGU during the playtest unless we are working with you directly to present a public-facing message. This includes streaming, social media and other platforms. The only places you should talk about FGU without explicit approval is via the support email and on this playtest forum. I have attached a copy of the playtest agreement to this post.

    DLC Products
    The existing FGU playtest installer/updater only has about 300 products loaded into the system. Additionally, we will be slowly adding LOS information into various products based on their sales popularity (mostly 5E adventures to start with). Remember that in order to see LOS; you need to add tokens, unlock record, enable LOS viewing in the image data control, and then select a token to see what it can see.

    If you have anything to report to us about the play test, please feel free to send a message either here on this forum or to [email protected].

    Important Tip - multiplayer games
    Networking and multiplayer games has had many recent changes and not nearly as much time in testing as we would prefer. For now, we highly recommend setting a password on your game if you choose the public server option and we recommend focusing initially on the GM features without players connected. If you are brave, feel free to add in players -- but please warn them that we are not expecting it to be fully playable at this stage from a player perspective.

    Demo Clients
    At this time, the playtest is restricted to Kickstarter Backers. We will loosen this restriction at a later point in the Beta as we get closer to the official launch.

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    Very Preliminary System Requirements

    Based on current Unity development tool versions:

    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.12+, Ubuntu 16.04+
    • Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
    • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.

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    Demo Client Testing (Not Live Play)

    We want to open up the FGU beta for demo client testing at this time. We were able to squash a large number of issues preventing players being able to log into GM campaigns over the last several weeks, so we want to start determining what issues people can find with others helping. Please note that at this time we are aware that cloud servers can hang and have to be manually cancelled, and that the Mac build does not allow private servers on many machines. We will be continuing to work on these in the new year and part of the reason we are not recommending live play at this time (in addition to wanting to get more feedback on player-side issues).

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not recommending using FGU beta for live play at this point.

    Download Link (Windows)

    Download Link (Mac)

    Remember, anybody that downloads the beta client is agreeing to the terms of the Playtest Agreement, which means that any discussion of the beta has to be on these forums, on our official Discord channel, or to our support e-mail ([email protected]). For the best overall beta feedback loop, we ask that all beta testers post in the forum whenever possible.


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