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    FGU Early Access - Overview and Download

    Important Early Access Links
    (Known Differences / Issues)
    (Developer Notes)

    License Agreemeent
    The Early Access End User License Agreement (EULA) has now superceded the Playtest EULA. The primary change is that any public reviews or streams showing the program must state that Fantasy Grounds Unity is in Early Access and this is not the official release of the product. It has not been fully optimized and not all bugs have been remedied for the Early Access build. The playtest agreement has been left as an attachment, but is no longer active.

    Download Links
    (Windows Download Link)
    (Mac Download Link)
    (Linux Download Link)

    If you have anything to report to us about the play test, please feel free to send a message either here on this forum or to [email protected].

    Here is a new wiki created to support FGU release:
    (Wiki Link)
    (Video Links)

    System Requirements
    • OS: Windows 8+ (64-bit only), macOS 10.13+ (64-bit only), Ubuntu 16.04+ (64-bit only)
    • Memory: 4GB min, 8GB recommended
    • Disk: 2GB-20GB (depending on DLC purchases)
    • Graphics: DX10 support, Video memory (2GB min, 4GB recommended)

    Release Date
    We are currently working towards an end of Q4 2020 release, but we may delay release depending on software readiness.
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