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    I am a player looking for a Adventure League group. Is anybody interested in playing a game just with Fantasy Grounds and not with Discord? I have a very flexible schedule.

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    I am also looking to play in AL. I do need a few tutorial sessions to learn my way around here though.

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    Hello Lighttreader

    Welcome aboard. There are several great video tutorials specifically for players on Fantasy Grounds' wiki. I also learned a lot from some good YouTube videos. I've been involved with role-playing games since the 1980's, but like yourself I am new to Fantasy Grounds.

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    Hi there (mostly lighttreader & lupus),

    I'm a DM and I am thinking of getting a game together soon. It wouldn't be adventurer's league (as a DM I don't like having my hands tied narratively and SOME but not all rules as written are stupid; ask me about fog cloud and max range archers). I always run my games in worlds of my own creation (no one requires knowledge of forgotten realms lore) and i tend to stay fairly close to rules as written. Character advancement tends to be objective based in my games; I don't track xp and characters level up over time as they achieve their goals regardless of how those goals are achieved (sneak past the guards, kick down the door, use magic to find the info, etc.).

    If you are interested in non-adventurers league games and my brief description sounds appealing, get in touch and I am happy to chat.

    EDIT: I am fine with new players (both to D&D and FG) and it is no problem at all to teach as we go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lupus View Post
    I am a player looking for a Adventure League group. Is anybody interested in playing a game just with Fantasy Grounds and not with Discord? I have a very flexible schedule.
    You might want to clarify for an interested GM/DM about when you say "not with Discord" are you looking to use something else like Skype or just the text chat capability in Fantasy Grounds and not a voice client?
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    Hello GunnarGreybeard

    I am looking to just use the text chat of Fantasy Groundsd without a voice client.

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    Hello DealBreaker

    I appreciate your responding to my thread. The truth is I am looking to specifically play an Adventure League game.

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    Thanks DealBreaker. Thanks for responding. I would be interested in giving it a try. Again I need to learn a lot before I could actually be comfortable with Fantasy Grounds but count me in. The best way to learn is through trying. lol. As for Discord, I have it downloaded and can use chat.
    Lupus definitely check out Fantasy Grounds College. I logged in and was immediately welcomed and it felt like home. I already took a class on how to make a character and have learned a lot. Founder Laerun spent about 4 hours with a group of us and it was an incredible experience. I highly recommend you check them out.

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    I've been considering running either LMoP or DoIP on here. I could potentially do a text-only version. I'm new to DMing on FG, but Im' an experienced DM overall.

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    I am not sure what a LMoP or a DoIP is.

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