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    Custom Ancestry

    I created a custom Ancestry Catfolk

    Gave the Feats the Trait Catfolk (I also created a trait in traits)

    BUT the trait doesnt come up in the drop down box Traits?

    Is there a trick to this?
    or am I missing something?

    The feats do appear if I select (empty)
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    The "Trait" filter in the Feat campaign data list is populated from the list in GameSystem.traitTypeFilter You'll have to write an extension to add any values you need to this list - using LUA table.insert to add values.

    I may look into including Ancestry names in this in the future, if that matches with data and functionality in future products. The main issue would be that sometimes ancestries (mostly heritages) have additional traits that depend on player selections and aren't obvious up-front - half-orc being a good example.
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