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    No worries. I'm available next week from Wed through to Fri 8pm. If anyone is interested, drop me a PM or say so here.

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    Greetings, another one from Afrique du Sud here. New player, running demo software. Will be at least 2 weeks before I have voice capabilities on the web.

    Regardless, just throwing me name into the hat for future adventures, will familiarize myself with vanilla protocols.
    Generally I'm on the job from 4am to 3pm GMT.

    My thanks.
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    Well folks we have a few players, I'll give everyone 2 weeks and then launch the game. If you are in create a first level character or we can use my pre-generated ones. I'll post here a day before the game is to launch.

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    Hi guys, here's another D&D veteran in his late 30s who's interested in joining this "let's start again" revival group...

    @Grimm: in case you've still left a seat at the table I would be pleased to join your group and send you my character sheet within the next few days.

    Best regards!

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    We haven't started yet. Just waiting for a few of the lads to get settled. Hopefully we can have a session next week.


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    Looking to get the game going this Friday 27th - Start time 9pm. On the day I'll post the external IP and Discord link here.

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    The lads on here seem to have gone quiet, I'm just waiting for more interest. Get some 1st level characters to me and I'm ready to start next week.

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    Which day are you playing? Fridays?
    GMT +2 here. Not a beginner but a roleplayer.

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    If you are still getting a group together, I have a level 1 fighter put together using the Adventurer's league rules, let me know if you are getting anything together.
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