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    so are you asking IFTAG: CUSTOM(Change); Broken;

    I do not know. but regardless i hope it is not.
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    Which effects are you trying? Do you have an example?

    Did you also test it with just the extended automation extension loaded?

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    My apologies. It turns out that, somehow, this extension was causing the problem :

    Gotta look into that

    For some reason I had an old version of ExtraStatToSaves. Forge updater leaves a lot to be desired - had to delete it manually and re-download. Sorry for confusion guys
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    The Forge will only update products installed from the Forge.
    Anything you manually installed has to be manually updated or manually removed.

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    Yeah the thing is this extension was installed from the Forge.
    Oh well, not the first time it happened and probably not the last one. Perhaps the Forge does not recognize "update" when the new filename is the same as the old one? Or some stupid other coding issue. God knows I did many of those in my job

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    hehe, I see Good that it works for you now again

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