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    Companion Sheet and Kingdom Sheet in Pathfinder 2

    Hi guys!

    I'm a newbie in programming, could you help me by clearing up some doubts?

    In the Starfinder Ruleset, I saw that it is possible to create spaceship and companionship sheets, which can be accessed on the character creation screen. If I use the Starfinder code as a base, would I be able to change and adapt them to transform into a Companion Sheet and Kingdom Sheet, just like the Kingmaker Sheet, for use it with Pathfinder 2 Ruleset?

    I would also like to insert the option "Vehicles" in the sidebar, similar to the one that exists in Starfinder, to use to create and register vehicles in the Pathfinder 2 Gamemastery Guide.

    It's possible?
    How complicated would that be?
    What do I need to encode and rewrite that?

    I bought FGU two months ago even off Steam (it was salty to me, really). But, for sure, I don't regret it!

    Sorry about my bad English, it's not my native language.

    I appreciate your attention and the work of the developers.

    Fantastic team!

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    Well, looking at the ruleset code of starfinder may give you ideas and techniques BUT the code is probably gonna be A LOT different.

    Your first step is to look at the wiki for developers to get to know methods, functions and conventions that FG uses. Then open up the PFRPG2 ruleset to see how these have been applied (or even altered). Then you would look at starfinder ruleset to see how the achieved what they did.

    It can be done BUT it will be work (which will get easier the more you do)
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    For vehicles look at the 3.5E ruleset code - this has a vehicle type as part of the NPC record, which displays different fields and has different functionality. I wouldn't do it as a new record like the Starfinder ruleset, there's no need to go to that level.
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    I'll look that, Trenloe.

    I think all the work will be worth the effort.

    Thank you, guys!

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