FG License: I've just subscribed for an ultimate license because I may try DMing here in the future. Right now, just looking to play to get used to the software!

Time Zone: EST (New York)

Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I'm regularly available Monday through Thursday, starting around 7 PM EST and ending by 11 PM EST. I'd also be available for bi-weekly games on the weekend. I'd need to be done by 11 PM on Sunday.

Hey everyone who's come to check me out. I'm a long time role player who's moving over from Roll20. I've DMed three long term campaigns for three straight years and am looking for a time as a player. I have thousands of hours of role play experience...but none with Starfinder. But how different can the rules be from 5e.

Term: I prefer long term and would join for the long haul, but I'm fine to play a shorter campaign.

Character Type Preferred: Literally any. I've played hundreds of characters as the DM. I prefer support characters, but there's nothing like swinging something hard at something soft and seeing what wins.

About me: 36 year old English and Drama teacher at a California high school. Part time fantasy author. Full time husband and father. I'm good with evening games Monday through Thursday. After 7 is preferred but flexible.