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    Haha very funny, good to meet you!

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    My nick is the name of a historical figure. He and his cronies played an important role in my hometown's history. Fun thing that many people think JvL to be my real name.
    Huldvoll winkend

    ---Jan van Leyden

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    My Username, is the name of the haunted house that I used to own and operate. It still fits, as I tend to focus more on horror/survival/mystery type games when running.

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    In 1999 I started playing Everquest and took the name Mallo. As the years have gone on that name became impossible to take. So when I started playing SWTOR I took Danalli and have had no issues getting that. Not as interesting as some but there it is.

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    My name is the German word for moth.

    My parents used to have a few of those huge oriental carpets. At some point one of it had been infested with moths at a very hard to reach place under a closet and my parents had to move it aside to clear out the infestation. While they were doing so, little me ran behind the closet, right into the "nest". There were around 13 or so that flew right into my face. This was a little bit traumatizing to me I think and when the time came for me to create my first nickname, for ICQ if I remember correctly, I used Motte (Moth) as a handle. At some point later I changed it to Sir Motte, just to annoy a buddy of mine when we played counterstrike. I stuck to it ever since.
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    Mine is simply my real life initials.
    Although, I did marry Norma Jean B.

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    Blackclove reflected my sad high-school/GenX obsession with clove cigarettes. I invented "Blackclove the Magician" when I needed a nickname to hide my real identity on CompuServe, which is a bulletin board system that predates the modern internet.

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