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    TheoGeek = "Theo" from theology because I love God and love studying about Him, and "Geek" ... well ... Hi, my name is Jeff, and I 'm a geek.

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    From an early David Weber series. Emperor Herdan was a warship (well... Planetoid). Interesting to see him still develop those early ideas

    TTFN and take care

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    When human younglings are very small, their guardians teach them what sounds farm animals make when they're not stressed or in pain. Then, in order for the younglings to associate the animal names with the noises, their guardians teach create little compound words of the two. I don't know if that story is true, but that's what I've heard anyway.

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    People call me Beemanpat because I'm a beekeeper and my name is Patrick.

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    My first initial and a d1000.
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    I'd always just used my name (Tawmis) - but one day, when I got an XBOX One I was having trouble getting my gamer tag converted from XBOX to XBOX ONE, so I called XBOX Technical support.
    And the gentleman on the other line kept calling me "Sir Tawmis" ("Thank you for your patience, Sir Tawmis", "Sure, let me look into that, Sir Tawmis", "I think I see the issue, Sir Tawmis", etc etc).
    I kept saying, "You can just call me Tawmis."
    And he'd say, "Understood, Sir Tawmis."
    So when in the end, there was no way to get my regular UID ported over - I made my XBOX One handle, "Sir Tawmis"... and then just began using it on forums too.
    Previously used to use "Adam-X" (a favorite comic book character of mine) and dating way back on the BBS Days I used "Hugh the Hand" (bonus points to anyone who knows where the name comes from) - said name was the inspiration of my own BBS called "The Nexus BBS"
    Check out Neverending Nights - The D&D Inspired Comedy Machinima Series (now being refilmed in 1080p!)

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    Mine was username at my first it job back in 1990s Savage got added when the now defunct Savage Worlds online web site started up, I got my avatar from that site too.
    My players just defeated an army, had a dogfight with aliens, machine-gunned the zombies, stormed the tower, became Legendary and died heroically

    Yours are still on combat round 6

    Get Savage
    Ultimate License Holder.
    First GM to post a game for the original FG Con!

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    Wish my story was more original but my name is from a world of warcraft character i made years ago and just liked it. I still have a character named this but its a different character...i deleted the original guy...

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    Mine is Spanish for "wheels" because I spent most of my life on 2 of them.

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    Mine goes back to the early 1990's when my company set up some of us on Compuserve, I was asked for a nickname to use, and as at the time I had a hacking cough and was calming it with Cough Sweets I suggested Coffdrop. I carried the nickname on to various sites, blogs and forums. In later years other users shortened it to Coffers. The name has stuck.

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