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    Mine comes from one of the 4 main characters in a novel I wrote (He is a ranger).

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    Mine was a character I made for a one-off 3rd edition D&D playtest session, and re-used for a character in the MMO City of Heroes (Fire armor, dual blades tanker if you know the game). I liked Gavin because of a joke from the webcomic Nukees where one of the main characters is nicknamed Gav short for Gavin, but then his initials are also G. A. V. prompting the comment "Gav, your name is Gav!" I totally forget where the Runeblade portion came from, I think I just thought it sounded cool.

    Interestingly, I am the only user of this handle that comes up in any internet search I've done, which I enjoy. Though searches do put out other close matches that aren't me (like Shangrur Runeblade's facebook page, which has no relation to me).

    I don't use it on forums anymore but I used to have a signature line to go with the name "I'm not as omniscient as I thought", (warning, that site will toss out an expired certificate security error) which was a quote I made while playing one of the Master of Orion games. There was a psychic race that gets an ability "omniscient" that lets them scout the whole galaxy instantly and see cloaked enemy warships. But there's still a ton of stuff hidden from them. When I discovered this one of my friends was in the room and we were laughing about what I couldn't see and I thought the one thing an omniscient entity ought to know is whether or not they actually are omniscient. Which clearly, I didn't. Hence the joke and the sig.
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    I could tell you but I think it would be better for you to watch this if you know who Blackwolf is then you have seen it before and are One of the Old School. movie Wizards (1977) as you can tell by the date many of you weren't around then.

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    Hello! My name comes from my real name(John) and plus "kuy"(I don't know why, it just came up in my head).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackwolf View Post
    I could tell you but I think it would be better for you to watch this if you know who Blackwolf is then you have seen it before and are One of the Old School. movie Wizards (1977) as you can tell by the date many of you weren't around then.
    Fritz! Fritz, get up for God's sake! Get up! They've killed Fritz! They've killed Fritz! Those lousy stinking yellow fairies! Those horrible atrocity-filled vermin! Those despicable animal warmongers! They've killed Fritz! Take that! Take this! Take that, you green slime! You black hearted, short, bow-legged...

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    I have a degree in History and speak a little German so I use the German word for Historian.

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    Myrdin is the name of my first long term D&D Paladin from when I started when I was 11 or 12. I was reading the first Andre Norton Witch World book and Merlin was in it with his name spelled the Welsh way - Myrddin. I did not know that dd was pronounced "th" and threw out the extra d and named my Paladin Myrdin the Just. When I joined the SCA when I was 18, that became my SCA name and there I am Sir Myrdin the Just. I typically use my real name for online forums (I am Michael in for example), so when I started playing Eve Online, I named my character Myrdin Potter to be a mix of the two. Since I have been using Myrdin for so long, I actually will respond to it. I pronounce it Mire-din or "mud" "noise" or Mired-in as in stuck. The Potter is just my real last name.
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    An informal version of Leonard Zelig, aka the human chameleon (some would say the ultimate conformist), a character in a film that amused me once. Not an endorsement of the filmmaker. My avatar is the expert necromancer Doctor Byron Orpheus. In hindsight, Orpheus is a much better username.

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    Mine is a sort of joke for the Earthdawn RPG.

    It is a theoretical cross section of two basic rules in the game: exploding dice and the rule of one

    Exploding dice: On an open ended roll if you roll the maximum value on a die you keep the result and get to roll it again. If you roll the maximum again you get to keep rolling.
    Rule of one: If all of the dice results are all 1s the attempt fails, no matter if you reached the target number or not.

    Rolling a one sided die in Earthdawn would give you an infinite result but you would still fail because they would still be all 1s.

    Just makes me chuckle.

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    Mine is from my main Star Wars Galaxies character.

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