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    Cool Where does your user-name come from?

    I mean specifically for this forum?

    Mine comes from my favourite character, whom I had the priveledge of playing for about 15 years! His name was Sorvan, who started his career as a Thief in 2nd Ed. AD&D. He had an intelligence of 17, which allowed him to dual class into a mage, and that's when he really came into his own!

    How about all the rest of you?

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    Oberoten is old russ and means "shapeshifter" a good name for a GM I thought.
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    Mine goes back to when I made my first handle at 10 years old. I wanted Blue Wizard or something like that. This was the first “wizard” I could find that wasn’t already taken.


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    One of my all time favorite books. Wintermute was one of two AIs in William Gibson's novel, Neuromancer. Wintermute's goal was to get around the "Turing Locks" that prevented it from getting smarter and merging with the other AI.

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    I was an Inspector of Taxes and needed a handle back in the early days of the internet. Zacchaeus was a biblical tax collector so it seemed a natural fit.
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    My all time favorite character is a dwarven fighter/leader besides my kobold bard Deekin (copied from Neverwinter Nights). The first time I made that character (around 12 years ago maybe, so I was around 14; was for Lord of the Rings Online) I used a random name generator and Kelrugem was its answer Yes, not such an epic background but I really like that name and it seems to be a rare used name such that it is easy to use that name in online games and forums

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    My given name is Andrew. Two syllables And & Ru.

    I was being clever and started writing it as two characters &る

    That's an ampersand an a ru (Kana

    One of my friends asked my why I was calling myself ampersandrew.

    He was taking the piss but I liked it, now I use it a lot.

    When I started contracting, I called my company Ampersand Engineering Ltd.

    The corporate logo is an ampersand and a ru.
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    My real name is Matthew Black, which gets shortened to Matt Black quite a bit. Down here in Australia there is a brand of general house paint called Dulux. One day (years ago) one of my friends started calling me Dulux. For about 3 months I couldn't work out why, until one day I was doing some minuture painting and as I reached for a pot of black I realised that the actual colour in the pot was - Matt Black. The nickname stuck.

    When I first got on the net in the mid 1980s (at University) I needed a handle, as as most people knew my nickname it seemed obviouse to use a handle of Dulux-Oz.

    And since its a related topic: The saying in my signature is a bit of a Math joke. My first degree is in Mathematics and Computer Science, so I'm a bit of a geek - an "Alpha-Geek" as in "Alpha-Male". But the joke goes like this: √(-1) is the meaning of the mathematical symbol "i"; 2^3 is 2 times 2 times 2, which equals 8; Σ is the greek letter sigma, which in mathematics means "sum of" or "to sum" or simply "sum"; and Π is the greek letter pi, which we all know is the "ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumfrance" - or, putting it all together "i 8 sum pi" - "I ate some pie... and it was delicious!"

    So where does your sig come froim (if its not obvious)?
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    √(-1) 2^3 Σ Π
    ...And it was Delicious!

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    Depends on the handle.. Blahness98 was born in 1998 because I in a blah mood when i was making a handle for AIM. Just stuck from there. I keep getting crap from my friends whenever I use this one when we do LAN parties.

    My other handle, TurboGuy16, I have has since I was 12. No real reason behind this name, as my 12 year old mind was just putting random words together with a number. But I have since kept the handle since it was the first one I created and it does have sentimental value. And being able to use the Turboman avatar fron Mega Man 7 kinda makes it fun now. My buddies don't give me crap about this one.

    And the last handle I go by, ArchAngel, was from high school when I was fascinated by religous iconography. This transferred into a Counterstike Clan (Clan Triad) where TurboGuy wasn't really fitting with the company the clan kept, so ArchAngel took over and really stepped up in the clan even though I was an HPW.

    Over the course of the years, these three handles have been my mainstays.
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    Playing Barren Reams Elite on bulletin boards in the 80s I used some ascii derivative of damnation, short for Damian's Nation, and in the enduring Australian tradition of shortening all diminutives it got shortened again to damned

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