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    Maps by Branded Tales

    I thought I'd share a couple maps I had put together. Please provide feedback as this is my first time making maps for FantasyGrounds. Let me know what you'd like to see!

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    Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums.

    On the forest map, an issue is that the grids are not square, FG won't be able to duplicate those so things won't be right.

    Also, generally maps for FG are best done with no visible grid. If you do something like an off-color square in the top left corner, that can be used to align the FG grid to so things line up correctly. A few other things; maps should generally be 2048x2048 pixels or less, 1mb in file size, and 5ft grids are normally 50 pixels (though this can be more if the other suggestions are followed).

    Keep up the work

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, and yikes on the forest grid! That's what I get for uploading the image without opening it first; no idea what warped it.

    I appreciate the tips! I've uploaded two new copies in JPG (smaller) format, and both are less than 2048x2048, so should be much better.

    Do let me know if there's anything else I can do to make them better!

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    They are very nice images but you didn’t do what he recommended to remove the grid and place a single square. Also, the second map is very nice but the current version of FG requires top down maps for effective use.

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    *Buries head in sand.* I turned off the grids for each and re-exported without noticing I accidentally had two grids drawn on the Forest road (which is how I had the wrong-sized grid initially). Oops!

    That's been fixed. I've also uploaded one more...

    I'll start churning out some more purely top-down ones going forward.

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