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    I see you use GitHub for this, are you open to pull requests? I pulled this down last night and the theme hurts my eyes, plus doesn't layer properly on larger screen sizes.

    Carry on the good work though, as I want to play The Witcher I don't mind giving some of my time on it.

    Ruleset and much more content built for FGU.
    Come join me on Twitter at: to see what I'm up to!

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    Hi MadBeardMan

    Yes ! Any help is welcome and you can make pull requests, we'll check them as soon as we can.

    Thanks and stay safe

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    I actually tried to modify the theme on my own, for the same reason as MadBeardMan.

    Unfortunately I'm completed new to FG / creating rulesets and so I am getting an error about d6 dice.

    Really happy about this being available, as my planned local Witcher game is on hold due to the pandemic, but I would like to run it online.

    If you could offer the theme as light colors I think that's all I would need to be able to use it. Great work!


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    Hello, i would like to change the character sheet language to french, How can I do it please ? Thanks a lot
    I know how to modify MOD files in other rulesets, but I didn't find in this one where the values for skills names were

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    So... anybody here still interested in a lighter theme? I did a small conversion (it is a wop, but covers almost everything and is useable) to be lighter on the eyes. It uses a lighter background, the main windows are of a coffee-like color.

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    @brazouk, I replied to your issue on git about that, tell me if your need further help

    @new_vision : I'm interested to see what you did I can also put a link to download it (crediting you of course) if you want alongside the main download

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    Quote Originally Posted by sylv0308 View Post
    @new_vision : I'm interested to see what you did I can also put a link to download it (crediting you of course) if you want alongside the main download
    Cool. I put it here and if you like it, you can put it into the main download on Github if you like.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Thank you
    Tell me how do you want me to credit you (name, link to a personnal page, ...) and I'll add a link to your extension asap

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    Name is enough, it is mentioned in the chat window of FG anyway. Hope you like it. Works best with "scaleui" set to 100. But that was the case for the original as well.

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    Ok I'll do it soon. Thank you for sharing your work.
    I personally prefer very dark background, as I spend most of my waking hours behind a screen, my eyes get teary real quick with light backgrounds but I understand some people may have other preferences so I'm glad you did this !

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