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    The Witcher TRPG ruleset

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to announce the beta release of our fan-made Witcher TRPG ruleset, made with the blessing of the editor Talsorian.

    We are a team of three fellow french developpers and we have been working on this new ruleset for a few months now.
    At this point we would need the public to take a look at it and give us some feedback to make it even better.
    Please add an issue on github for every imperfection / or idea of improvement you encounter.

    This Beta 0.2 release features :
    - A partially automated character sheet (skill roll, attack, defense, spells, wounds threshold,...)
    - A NPC sheet
    - Modifiers
    - Combat tracker with initiative handling, hp and stamina.
    - A complete rework of the theme to recall the most recent video game and get you into the mood.

    Please give use some feedback preferably by putting an issue on github.

    you can download this release on https://github.com/Althea21/witcher_fg_ruleset/releases

    here you will also find a bestiary, a calendar and a spells module.

    Happy gaming.

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    Well done guys!

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    Thanks, the Talsorian team has been awesome to allow us to distribute the ruleset free of charge. With some artwork, spells and a bestiary. I hope it will be put to good use.
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    Nice work! My players are going to love having a dedicated ruleset.

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    Hello there,
    For those who are interested, we published a new version of the ruleset this week.
    Changelog and download available here : https://github.com/Althea21/witcher_fg_ruleset/releases

    Don't hesitate to send us your feedback using the issue section of github.

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