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    Changing window sizes - racedata / professions

    I'm trying to modify the <racedata> section in a module I'm playing around with. The window is not expanding for the extra races that I've tried adding. There are 3 test races below the Greater Orcs listing but I cannot seem to get the window to expand out to show my additions. I found a post that suggested using the sizelimits settings but that didn't work for me. I'm also having the same issue with a Primary Skills window, the Placeholder skill appears at the bottom but the Nightblade I added in to the Professions section hasn't expanded the width for the new column. I suspect I fix one I can fix the other.

    <minimum height="#" width="#" />
    <dynamic />


    Primary Skills.JPG



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    The <racedata> section shouldn't need any <sizelimits>…</sizelimits> parameters as I don't think it recognizes it. The Races and Attributes table should just increase in height as you add more races to the <racedata> list. That's what happens for me anyway.

    The ref_races.xml file in the ruleset has only <width> parameters, set at 705 for min and max limits, but no height limits. So the window height should just increase automatically as needed.

    For the Primary Skills (development cost table), the class used is 'referenceskills', it is similar to 'referenceraces' and it has a <width> parameter but no <height> max. This is found in ref_skills.xml in the ruleset files. You will need to create an extension containing your modified ref_skills.xml with the <width> max parameter increased to display the extra professions you want to add. The new widith value is a bit of trial and error - I think I increased it from 675 to 725 to add the 'No Profession' profession.
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    I spotted those settings yesterday and wondered if that's what could have been holding me up. I've not messed around with any extensions yet so I'll try what you said and see if I can get it to modify that way. I have a LOT of races and professions I'm wanting to add from the companions so I need more space to work with. I hope FG Unity will make additions a lot more accessible for things like this. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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    I was able to create a new extension and it worked as intended that the window expands so that I can now see all my Race additions. However I also noticed that it appears that even after I unload the extension, the game is retaining the settings for the window size of the last load. For the sake of testing I made the Height 1000 which is huge but I wanted to clearly see size differences. Now, every time I load the campaign (even a brand new one) it still retains that size. I pulled down and checked the ref_races.xml file and it is still set to it's original size setting. I've modified my extension several more times with different heights but like before the game retains the last height used even when the extension is unloaded. Not sure what to think of this but I can work around it.
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    Xen, when you start FG and create a new campaign selecting your extension (which contains your "modded" ref_skills.xml file with the increased width value), it affects (all) the skills tables in the 'Character Law' module. This will then be fixed for that campaign and every time you reload it. If you want to revert back to the original (default) sizes you will need to create a new campaign and not select your extension. The key thing is not to modify any original ruleset files - making extensions is the best way to create your version of the game.

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