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    Slow reactions

    Im DMing the Horde of the Dragon Queen and on larger maps the program runs VERY slow like 6-8 second reactions. Anyone else?

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    This can happen if you are running up against the memory limits of the program.

    If you have added custom tokens to the FG data tokens folder, or custom maps to the FG campaign folder; can you try removing the ones you aren't using to see if you still have an issue?

    Please note that we recommend keeping maps under 2048x2048 when possible (larger sizes incur steeply increasing performance costs); and that tokens are 100x100 for Small/Medium creatures and 200x200 for Large creatures.

    If still an issue,
    * Can you check memory usage via Windows Task Manager while you are seeing slowdowns?
    * Can you provide screenshots of your the following subfolders from your FG data directory: tokens/host/, tokens/shared/, campaigns/<campaignname>/images


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    Thanks for the fast response I will check that out

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