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    Release Updates for May 21st, 2019

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated:

    D&D Classics: Complete Wizards Handbook
    • [Added] links on spells in ref-manual
    • [Added] links on kits in ref-manual
    • [Fixed] Added missing Amazon Sorceress kit

    D&D Classics: Dungeon Masters Guide
    • [Fixed] Table 59 broken out into individual versions for manual rolls.
    • [Fixed] Table for Turn undead broken out into individual versions for manual rolls.
    • [Updated] Scroll generation for arcane/divine updated.

    D&D Classics: Player's Handbook
    • [Fixed] save for cast of remove fear for reverse "fear" of type "Spell".
    • [Fixed] Corrected advancement records for druid. 17+
    • [Fixed] Corrected initiative for quarter staff.
    • [Added] Sling "bullet" damage to sling weapon.
    • [Fixed] Table for Turn undead broken out into individual versions for manual rolls.

    2E Ruleset
    • [Updated] Creating ability notes for npcs will now popup the edit notes window.
    • [Fixed] Cleaned out dangling 5e specialization options in class features.
    • [Fixed] Corrected language values for int 2-8
    • [Fixed] Corrected bonus spells for wisdom 15-17
    • [Updated] Updates to npc import logic.
    • [Updated] Strings updated for better language support across the board.
    • [Fixed] String values for turn undead cleaned up.
    • [Fixed] Import context highlighting text recognition improved.
    • [Fixed] Icons for library record selection positions updated and size corrected

    D&D Unearthed Arcana
    • [Added] New update to The Artificer Class

    Pathfinder RPG - Advanced Player's Guide
    • [Fixed] Removed "FIX ME" headings from Sorcerer Bloodlines

    A01 - Crypt of the Sun Lord
    • [Updated] For SWADE ruleset

    A00: Crows Rest Island
    • [Updated] For SWADE ruleset

    Symbaroum Ruleset
    • [Fixed]NPC's have the optional field "manners" as included in later books.
    • [Fixed]NPC's attributes in the npc sheet show the modifier rather than the actual stat, as done in later books. The actual stat is showed as mouse over.
    • [Fixed]NPC's attributes in the CT also show the modifiers rather than the actual stats.
    • [Fixed]Initiative in the CT is listed next to the name entry. The initiative can be modified (which causes re-sorting of the CT) and is recalculated every time you add something to the CT.
    • [Fixed]The names in the CT are better aligned, including the label.
    • [Fixed]The default currency strings in the character inventory have been added
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