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    I hear that Zat fella is working on something new ��

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    New maps!

    I got the two new expansions converted for The One Million, Wizard’s Lair and The Burrows. I also got the D&D 5e adventure for Temple of the Monkey King converted over as well.

    Zatnikotel would like some feedback on his adventure Temple of the Monkey King, so drop him a line on his Deviant Art page letting him know if you found it useful and what you liked and/or disliked about the adventure.

    MEGA Download:
    ZAT DD5E LTOTMK v1.0.mod (5.6MB)

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    Does anyone have these files available on a source other than MEGA? I'm having problems downloading from there. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderhead View Post
    Does anyone have these files available on a source other than MEGA? I'm having problems downloading from there. Thanks!
    What is the exact problem(s) MEGA is giving you?
    I have uploaded the existing modules to my google drive so you can grab them there for now.

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    Hey thanks @LordNova2, I appreciate that. Honestly? I think that there's something about Mega that my home firewall appliance doesn't like. The last time I looked at it in the logs, I believe there was something in there about cross-site scripting or some such. Anyway, I'm downloading from Drive now. Thanks again.



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    The One Million Island

    The One Million Island has been compiled. Features 32 maps (16 day and 16 night) for a large island map.

    MEGA Download:
    ZAT TheOneMillionIsland v1.0.mod (66.2MB)

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    Respect to all who provide those quality maps
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Just an FYI - The link to the Burrows in the OP actually links to the Wizard's Lair. The Burrow's link later in the thread is fine.

    Thanks to everyone for providing these beautiful maps!
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    Good catch Three of Swords! Looks like I never set up the link when I copied it over for The Burrows.

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    LordNova2 - is it possible to have the "D2 X Burrows" be added to the Burrows Expansion pack? That map is almost the same as the original D2 Burrows map, except the D2 X version has included a small path in the south of the map that connects to the north part of the X1 Further Burrows map. (The original doesn't have this path.)

    If not, no worries, as it's just great these are available and converted to FG to begin with!

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