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    First time I had one they had to do surgery to remove it, the second they blasted it with sound... the sound thing is a million times better.

    Kidney stones are tremendously painful, but I probably dont need to tell you that

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    Ouch... Man, that's nasty!

    Although the way you describe this, it reminds me a bit of a classical Traveller mining operation ��

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    I had one once when I was younger, working an all-nighter bug fixing crisis, struck at 3 am. Went to the Emergency room, they finally flushed it out of me.. though I think a let go a liter of
    blood. The had to give me morphine. After I was done passing and my parents had come to take me home, I decided to call my boss and let him know what happened and that I wouldn't be in for a few days.

    When I get back to work finally, my boss informed me that I had sang my message to him(about a 5 min song), complete with chorus refrains. I got NO memory of this.. but the giggiles of my co-workers went on for a day or two. I was SO glad I could break the coding monotony for them...lol

    I suppose I should be grateful.. it happened quite a while back and not these days. Now days he would have recorded it.. and I would
    have come back to work and found out I would have had my very own million like facebook or you tube hit <shudder>
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