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    Multiclass Spell casters - question


    For a multiclass Cleric/Mage when I add 1st level spells from both classes they are all grouped under th3 Group: Spells Level 1. On he Actions/power tab.

    Is there a way to split the Mage spells from the Cleric spells, so that I have Arcane Level 1 (2,3 etc) and Divine Level 1 (2, 3 etc) groups, this would make it much easier when selecting spells to memorise as a comboned list is more difficult to navigate.

    Also - is there a fast way to for example to add all the relevant "cleric" spells allowed by sphere to the Character. Likewise for Druid. Or maybe an optioon to simply click a button and add all of a Spheres major/minor access spells to a character?

    Apologie soif this been asked before, or if this already in place, if so idiots guide would be great.


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    What I did is create a 2nd character sheets for one of the spell types. Probably not the correct way.

    You can rename like Spells (Level 6) to like Divine (Level 6) and it will let you create a new one after that.

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    Instead of a generic "Spells" category, you could manually go in and designate them Arcane Spells and Divine Spells... that might break them up.
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