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    Well that is very frustrating! Maybe this is a cross-platform issue between iMac and Windows. The first connection always takes a little longer, but certainly not 12 hours - shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

    A couple troubleshooting tips:
    - Disable all extensions in the launch screen. I don’t know if Unity has too many extensions to worry about right now, but it’s always a good starting point.
    - If you have custom tokens, check the file size. They should be in the range of 10’s of kb, ideally 15-20 kb. Even 1 large token can disrupt load times substantially.
    - Check that you don’t have too many modules loaded. I don’t know for sure that this would affect load times unless you really go overboard.
    - Try the connection with FG Classic if you haven’t already. If it works fine there, the problem might be with Unity and not the DCC ruleset. Post in the Unity bug thread for advice.

    Hope this helps!
    Thanks. It doesn't appear to be a platform issue, it also happens with Mac clients. I have the DCC ruleset loaded and one adventure module loaded(no player download for the adventure) with the player version of the rules set for player download. No custom anything yet. Could the problem be that the clients are downloading the apx. **** ton of artwork that exists in the DCC rules? If so, how would one turn that off?

    Newb question: If I turn off something like the DCC Player version for player download, will that affect functionality during play or character creation? If I turn it on during a session after players are connected will that be a huge delay/download?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leozelig View Post
    It looks like the contents are not re-sizing with the window, but I don’t know why. Maybe this should be reported in the Unity thread.
    Sounds good, I'll post this in the Unity forum. I mentioned it here first, because (based on a brief skim at least) I haven't noticed this problem in the D&D 5e ruleset, for example.

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    There was a unity update yesterday that solved a similar problem to the one you are experiencing Tkinzer, might be worth running it and seeing how it is today?

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    There was a new networking update released.
    Everyone in your group should update to the newest build 2020-04-04
    If your FGU doesnt show that after updating you might have to uninstall and reinstall again from a new webinstaller.
    So long as you havent pointed your Data and Program files at the same folder manually that should be safe to do.

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    FGUnity the "Trips and Throws" table is missing the description for the first entry #3.

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    Leo, are there plans to add NPC spell functionality to the ruleset? Currently I'm making NPC spellcasters as PCs if they use the PC spells. I know you're working on content right now but was just curious for future plans.

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