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    I would agree that there is room for 2 different 2e Classics bundles; one that encompasses all the adventure modules and another that includes the core books, supplementals like Tome of Magic and The Complete... and race specific splat books.

    FYI Varsuuk, the "Complete" books offer kits, some supplemental classes, occasionally spells and/or expanded equipment lists and/or additional NWPs, and supplemental class ability descriptions, modifiers and generally fleshing out specifics from generalities. All is drag/drop to make maximum utility of the base ruleset's automation where applicable. Sometimes there is a skill or something that can't be automated.

    Personally the Complete books are valuable to me, but I can appreciate the flip side where people kind of go "it's all or nothing with these books". I guess to each their own and a lot depends on what someone is willing to manually enter themselves for their own use, assuming they have the source material or a PDF to work from.
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    I definitely loved nearly all the Complete books as they came out. I just didn’t recall any drag-drop or equipment or spells present in books like Complete Elf/Dwarf but could be my memory being bad as usual. I’ll pull one out tonight to look at it.

    If it had lots of drag drop able stuff then I’d be more willing to get all of them not just class completed. Still would I get all at once and spend $300+ probably not. One wonders how many full bundles are going to sell.

    As for modules, I disagree that There should only be one “Adventures” bundle. I can see argument for it from a mechanical point of view or a “completionist” point of view (but 5E has one of those) but as a DM, I would generally stick to one world’s published modules. And if anything, I might move some Greyhawk ones into FR but FR modules, I’ve found have too much backstory that doesn’t fit my GH world. So I’d prefer to see 2 branches: “Greyhawk + Vanilla Adventures” and “Forgotten Realms Adventures”

    But I concede not all would agree and it is debatable. Side effect of MY way is a new guy still plops over $100 to get the adventures of one or the other and gets many modules. It seems to fit the intended use of bundles and yet be in digestible chunks as opposed to what we have here or most of my posts for that matter

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    I remember loving and using the hell out of Complete Thieves and Ranger books for my characters. Think Fighter was equally used by me. Just a bit fuzzy. So I am a fan of all the Complete Class ones for sure - just thought was fab of the Complete Race ones based on RP not stats. But as I said, will check tonight. Still, their presence in the bundle adds too much as one bundle for me to plop at this time and makes me more likely to just select the 3-4 I’ll ever buy and write my own from my book and pdf modules for non biggies like ToEE/Slavers. I’d buy Tomb of Horrors in a GH Adventures bundle, but if once I buy ToEE and def if bought Slavers, the door is closed forever on bundle for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsuuk View Post
    I definitely loved nearly all the Complete books as they came out. I just didnít recall any drag-drop or equipment or spells present in books like Complete Elf/Dwarf but could be my memory being bad as usual. Iíll pull one out tonight to look at it.
    If you look at the preview snaps you can see (probably the first one on each) all the record types that have drag/drop entries (listed in the library when selected shot). I tried to get some shots of some/all of the records in a detail view as well.

    I've attached a few but you can see all of them in the store.
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    Thanks! Yup, I *did* forget all that kit stuff! I played 1E much longer than 2e and lots came later in 2e so I forget.

    OK, so now race books have more value for those wishing to use kits (I probably would eventually but will start more 1E in my home game) but that doesn’t change my main issue. All in one bundle is too high a bar because of the speed it hit like what 25+ entries (yeah, totally made that up since not on the page). I already spent about $100 (full price) so that’s already lost bundle pricing plus cannot afford to spend 280$ n it now especially because ai don’t even want any of the Forgotten Realms splat books and don’t want the nearly any of the adventures (might buy one like dungeon delve Eveningstar months from now) for Forgotten Realms. I just want 80% of the Greyhawk and don’t mind getting the remainder cos can use parts for sure.

    But... unless I can buy in chunks, I can’t afford it. I kept up with 5E adventures cos was like 3-4 a year. Right now, the Classics has more adventures than 5E (possibly, I think) so... hard start.

    Trying to hold off temptation to buy Temple, once I do that - it’s all over, I’d feel I missed out on the bigger discounts so less likely to pay for the ones I am meh about just to get overall discount. Was hoping for a split before this sale so wouldn’t have to pick which path.

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    PS Great job on that Ruleset I will say it again.

    I think if given a try, it could rank up there with 5e in FG users at least especially with those cool adventures. IMO (which is biased lol)

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    Good Day All
    I agree with Vasuuk. Fantastic job Celestian!!
    I think it would be a rude awakening to those who played 5E as to how easy it is to lose a character in 2E. We have played 5E on FG for the last couple years and have only had a char come close (2 failed death saves with no successes) once but then had a critical success and a follow up success. When you use the Deaths Door in 2E it really changes battles as you try to figure out how to save an ally in the middle of a fight

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