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Thread: Hacking a Theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuleen Donai View Post
    Here is the fixed extension, with all of the extraneous changes removed.
    Nice work!
    bmos' pathfinder 1e extensions
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    I just tried it too, looks very nice. Good job. I don't know how much work it would be but is it possible to fix the "Bars" version as well?

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    Team effort!!

    Sure! Im off this week and Ill give it some attention.

    How's this???
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    Just tried it out again looking good but in the bars version, the tokens bar is using the standard image of the goblin from the base theme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msbranin View Post
    ... the tokens bar is using the standard image of the goblin from the base theme.
    That's weird! Mine isn't. Let me double-check. Maybe I posted an early version.


    I didn't realize there were two definitions - 1) Token Case and 2) Assets.

    You probably need to run an update of FGU, specifically, the SFRPG ruleset, because there is no TOKENS bar/button anymore. They changed it to ASSETS.

    (If you are trying to use this on FG Classic. I wasn't working with FG Classic, as I don't have a license.)

    In the meantime, try this one. I added an override for the button called button_tokencase.
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    I found some issues with these two themes interfering with some recent changes to the SFRPG ruleset. Now that the "cosmetic" issues are resolved, I will focus on repairing the "interference" that seems to be occurring with changes to the SFRPG rulset.

    Stay Tuned!

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    Hey Tuleen, thank you for all the work on this extension. It is working fine for me right now. Maybe I didn't notice something because I'm focused on the changes of the ruleset, I'll keep an eye out.

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    The previous changes I made that overrode some things in the CoreRPG rulset and the SFRPG rulset are no longer needed. Yea! (I didn't like that I had to override rulset code.)

    It turns out now, that the original Extensions published by Steve Busa may now work properly. The Asset/Token Case buttons may not be replaced, and original SF Theme Goblin buttons may still be there, and the Ship_Ct buttons not added or replaced. Someone will just have to try those (maybe I will too,) and see how they behave, but I know these work.

    Now, here are the fixed/tweaked extensions, with all of the extraneous changes removed. Just changes to buttons and graphics.

    Changes necessary
    • 1. Fixing of desktop_classes to "remove" original shortcutsbar definition (BMOS's suggested line --> '<windowclass name="shortcuts" join="remove" />') and removing <fastinit /> from "shortcuts" subwindow in "chat" window class.
    • 2. Addition of button_shipct.png files to graphics/icons folder.
    [*] 3. Changes made, but not necessary: I changed the name of the shortcuts window in the "chat" window class to chatshortcuts. (Oh! And, I added button_assets.pngs too! I do not prefer the original SFRPG buttons.)
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    It's really cool what you create. It takes a lot of effort and time. Personally like the Gobbo theme

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    I just fixed what was already there.

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