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    Starship Combat Tutorial

    Any tutorial out there how to run Starship combat with FG?

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    I don't think anyone's made a tutorial based on the changes made by superteddy57. SW employee David Middleton says he planning to run Starfinder on Twitch soon. I would just do a test combat and play around with the results. There are some scattered explanations of how it works in this forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swbuza View Post
    Any tutorial out there how to run Starship combat with FG?
    If you want, you can write me on Discord. I can give you a little tour.
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    Ship combat should function as normal combat. The real differences are a new ship combat tracker and pending damage when attempting to damage another ship. So the normal drops are there. With SOM out the ruleset will get a further expansion of ship combat to include those new features along with cleanup of base structures of the PC ship sheet and ship building as well. There is no ETA on this at the moment.
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