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    As with Dunadan, even in live tabletop play: pre-roll “random” encounters so you have them all sorted ahead of time.

    So, party takes off down the road and has a 15% chance of encountering something = you’ve gone ahead and pre-rolled as if they hit that 15% sweet spot and are ready to whip out whatever you end up rolling within your RM C&M/C&T books.
    If there are divergent paths using Frigid Forest(Conif/Decid), or Arid Savannah, etc. pre-roll on those charts and have the encounters ready.
    Don’t need ‘em, well, you can keep ‘em for future times when y’do.

    T’would be nice to have as a feature, so go ahead and update the thread pointed to above, and/or add it to the Dakadin Wish List in his FG Forum signature.

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    The plan is to have both types of tables (Rolemaster and CoreRPG based) working in the CoreRPG version. It isn't a simple task because there are a few areas where the two types of tables are referring to the same things so I have to figure out the best way to handle it without breaking existing Rolemaster modules that people have created and still be able to use CoreRPG based tables so they work as expected.

    Rolemaster Classic for FG Wish List -

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