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    Hi Hawkwind!

    Yes equipment can be modified in the character equipment list, and the items in the reference manual are locked so you would have to write your own items from the start. Perhaps I can add a clone-functionality? The drag-and-drop for equipment and improving the item/equipment system is in the backlog, as well as writing abilities and traits in-game. Currently the only way you can add abilities and traits is by writing the xml manually, although within a few weeks that should be possible to do inside the ruleset. However, there might need to be some lua-code (although fairly simple) in order to get some of the effects working correctly. The effects of the abilities and traits are unfortunately not well suited for text-parsing, so the actual modifications to damage/defense/etc needs some sort of definition. Perhaps further down the line I can move some of that into the actual xml and get it into editing as well, but that is further down the line.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkwind View Post
    worked out the precise thing , still can't get the shield fighter ability to increase my defence and weapon damage
    Shield Fighter seems to increase damage now but using a Shield does not increase defence at all

    EDIT: And i agree with some documentation. I cannot at the moment work out how to show whether an attack by a player hits, and also cannot get the damage inflicted ON a player by an enemy to show up
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    I haven't t got around to trying combat yet, I have tried building some of the pregens which are in the original version but not included in the FG started adventure and as such i found a whole lot of things that don't work yet, I'll pm a list to Simpe tomorrow hopefully and upload the pre gens

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    Hey guys,

    I've verified the shield not influencing defense by +1. This is a bug and I'm currently working on getting it fixed. In the same way, shield fighter does not properly append the extra +1 defense for that.

    For combat, the player either selects a target and then double clicks their equipment "to hit" (for seeing if they can hit) and their "damage" for dealing damage. Or they can drag-and-drop those onto the monster in the combat tracker.

    It is not possible to deal damage or fight without being in the combat tracker.

    I have the pre-gens and I'll see if I can get them exported or if I can get a campaign with them asap!

    If you find any more bugs, please let me know and I will add them to our tracker asap. There's a couple of known bug in the test-branch (some npc's have wrong damage amount on their attacks in the combat tracker), which has since then been fixed and will be in on the test-branch on tuesday (that's how often we can patch).


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    Hawkwind: In regards of the shield, could you try making sure that your shield is marked as a Shield and worn in either the main-hand or the offhand? Then you need to close and open the character sheet. Unfortunately the defense-calculations are not updated when changing the worn-type of equipment, which is causing the defense value from the shield to not appear.

    This still goes for a few other things that might be causing bugs. I'm going to increase the different things that recalculates the defense/attack/damage/armor on the charactersheet!

    I've found the bug that caused defense modifying abilities not working, this included the shield fighter and abilities that modifies your defense roll (such as adept tactician, adept sixth sense etc). This has been fixed and should be available on tuesday. Unfortunately I can't change the patch dates so that's as soon as I can get it to you. This was my fault and was not discovered due to not enough testing (of which we have very limited resources for).

    I'll try to fix the export of the characters today but can't make any promises, tomorrow at latest. We're doing this in our spare time and as such the time for it is quite limited.
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    Hey guys,

    Here's the exported starting characters as a module you can load. Let me know how well it works to use them! I also have the singly-exported characters if anyone wants to use them, just let me know and I'll attach the xml's here. The starting characters in this module will make it into the promised land in the coming update.

    While going through all these characters I discovered some of the bugs that you have probably seen. I'm cancelling some of my weekend-plans so that I can get these fixed before tuesday.

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    Ok I won't bother finishing my pre gens

    I wasn't using the test version of the rules set and i had n't tried closing and reopening the character sheet but he is what i found, hopefully Simpe you have already found these issues in your exercise

    1. Traits, i found it difficult to find the traits as there were not showing when i opened the library module so I found them in the reference manual. You can't edit the Contact trait when its on the character sheet, you need to be able to do this say which organisation your character has contacts with
    2 Balanced didn't adjust the target number to hit, I didn't try reopening the character sheet
    3 Pole arm mastery didn't appear to work same caveat
    4 Impeding and marksman didn't work
    5 Cross bow does d10 damage however missile weapons are restricted to d8 in the combat + equipment section
    6 you don't have the generic versions of weapons on the equipment list so you cant drag them onto the character sheet, you can add them on the combat and equipment panel so you can't buy a sword or a "single -handed weapon" or basic light, medium or heavy armour

    Simpe thanks for all the effort you are putting in to this rule set and answering and dealing with our queries

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    Yes some of those bugs I already found. The traits *should* be available on the sidebar as a button if you enable all the buttons. I didn't think about the contact trait custom string though and hadn't found about the balanced bug, I'll check and add that as well!

    The trello tracker at https://trello.com/b/mmwGpm3I/symbar...rounds-ruleset should list most, if not all of those bugs.

    Thanks for collecting the list, it really helps with this kind of bug feedback. All we want is to have the ruleset as functionable as possible - we're in this for the long run.

    Hopefully I should have all of the things you listed done by Tuesday and some other things (like a better font) done as well. We also clear the "done" part on each delivery to SmiteWorks, so the things on the Done list are the things we've fixed since the last test-version!


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    One more for you! Even when targetted in the CT, rolling your armour protective value does not take the enemy damage value nor apply the final total to your toughness.

    Rolling your weapon damage does however, and rolling attacks and defence both work. It is just the Armour-Damage that doesn't seem to. I am running on the test version.

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    Hey Arion,

    Yes just rolling your armor doesn't really do anything other than just roll your armor.

    Your armor is automatically rolled for you when the GM double-clicks the attacks of an NPC. The resulting value of the enemy attack value minus the armor roll should then be withdrawn from the players health. Is this not what's happening?

    I've just finished implementing the Alternative Damage functionality (that withdraws attributes by decreasing the temporary attribute value) and discovered that there were some issues with how damage was pushed through the armor rolls. It's working now but I'm uncertain if there was any issues with the damage system before I started. If you're still seeing issues with damage when double-clicking on the NPC which has a player targeted, they should be fixed on tuesday!

    Hope this helps,

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