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    There has been an update on the ruleset and its modules today. I don't see update notes yet, what has changed?
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    No functional changes; just minor updates to work better in FGU.


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    Any news about the Advanced Player Guide?

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    I have just bought the ruleset togheter with the adventure. Starting to test the rule system. Is there anyway of now how much is automated? For ex. my charcter has a dagger and Feint. The caracter should also roll with dicreet instead of accurase. It also stated that way in the character sheet. But when I do an attack the value is still calculated by accurasy?


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    Hey guys,

    Sorry but once again the notification system has stopped working. I'm hoping that it'll start again now that I've visited the forums.

    The APG and all development on future Symbaroum modules has unfortunately paused. There are other tasks that have taken priority, and the full-time jobs we're doing are currently taking up more than just full-time. This will unfortunately continue for at least a year. I will continue to fix and support bugs that are reported as much as possible.

    Warpghost, did you make sure that the weapon is a short weapon - and that it's correctly equipped before testing the attack?


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    discreet attribute is missing in the button ^^


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    it seems to me that there's a bug with “Feint” Mystical Ability on Novice Level.

    In the "Equipment & Combat" section on the character sheet, it shows correctly that the "Discreet" value is used for calculating the "to hit" value for attack rolls, but when I actually make an attack roll, a characteristic value of 10 seems to be used and not the much higher (Discreet: 14) characteristic value I have. All rolls higher than 10 are marked as “miss” in the chat window.

    • I have a Discreet of 14 and Feint at Novice Level. I use a Bastard Sword (Precise).
    • On the right side of the character sheet it shows the following: Bastard Sword, To Hit 15, Discreet (14 from Discreet and +1 Precise)
    • But when I do an attack roll, all rolls that are higher than a 10 shows in the chat window as “miss”

    Is there a solution for this? I searched for the Symbaroum ruleset and information’s about updates but did not find that much information. It seems there was a bug with discreet one year ago, but it was claimed that the bug is already fixed. I know it’s a minor thing since I can just ignore the “miss” and roll damage… but it would be still nice if it worked.

    Faint Bug.jpg

    Edit: ok, missed Warpghosts post... seems he has the same problem...
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    Yes - just tested this out with the pregens from Promised Land (going to run it tomorrow..) and I can see the same issue.

    Slight aside - is there any way to change the background on the "Notes" template? Low contrast and it looks terrible, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpe View Post

    The APG and all development on future Symbaroum modules has unfortunately paused. There are other tasks that have taken priority, and the full-time jobs we're doing are currently taking up more than just full-time. This will unfortunately continue for at least a year.
    Yikes, that's disappointing... I have all of the Symbaroum books and was about to buy the FG modules too, but hearing this is making me seriously reconsider. At $25 bucks for the ruleset, that's already on the expensive side, and if there's no APG coming that is quite limiting, not to mention there only being one adventure module and nothing else. I love Symbaroum but I'm not sure I want to drop another 40 bucks on a system that's effectively at a dead-end already.

    Have you at least thought of dropping the price, either in a sale or permanently, to try to encourage more people to buy? At the moment it's in that awkward zone of being too expensive to take a chance on, and not worth spending on as a long-term investment.


    P.S. How about at least getting the game it's own Forum section? It's buried here in MoreCore.
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    Fixing! Should be done for my next update.


    I'm sorry to disappoint. The APG was actually a lot more work than I anticipated. It's about 65-70% done so actually quite far along. However, there are so many new spells and abilities and a lot of them with extremely specific quirks. It's not canceled, I'm just not sure when I'll be able to finish it. We also started Wrath of the Warden which is honestly easier to finish off I think. Seeing the activity here might mean I'll try to give a push to finish off any of the modules. Unfortunately, with overtime at work (and possibly more overtime) I have to prioritize the work here with things such as sleep and general life - just like any other ruleset developer I assume I usually work around 50-60 hours per week (things like this included) but when normal work takes up more time than that it's hard to muster work on side-projects.

    I've requested a separate forum section previously to no avail. Hopefully if people request it more it'll increase the chance of us getting one

    I'm not sure if I can control the price or not. I'll check to see what I can do but I'm not sure it's possible or that it's a great idea. I do however think there should be some runs with lowered prices for it if there hasn't been one. I'll check that as well!

    Thanks for input. I really do appreciate it.


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