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    Quote Originally Posted by esmdev View Post
    So basically, I pledge veteran standard, and then add 30 extra for the 2 rookies? The survey will be after the KS has completed?
    Yep and Yep

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    Thanks guys our group here in St. Louis is excited.

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    refreshes at 11am.. sees draft page still

    ...takes time to find clip.. finds clip . posts and KS is up. YOU WIN THIS ROUND DOUG. Now just let me know how I send you my Key to verify my veteran status.

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    Aaaand pledged.

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    Bah, if I was not at work I’d have been a lower number than backer #24

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    Where's the link to pledge? Never mind!
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    Kickstarter is live now.


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    Started with a Bang! Congrats!

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