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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylanfs View Post
    Also note the Date this is a pre-announcement for Next month. So I could see this being real.
    please stop playing with my feelings. The hope is strong, but the april is weak.

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    Damn it Doug! Shut up and take my money already!!!

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    Just went to Kickstarter to look for this. Might want to clarify this a bit as there is a "Unity" Tabletop RPG by Zensara Studios there as well. I noticed the difference, but others may not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD View Post
    Have faith; Doug and company have generally taken really good care of their customer base.

    My wallet is ready, unless of course my wife goes on an unnecessary buying spree in the next month.
    Mine already is well aware. The updated desktop was just for that. My wallet is equally ready
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    It was my impression that when FGU was very nearly ready to start testing is when they planned to do the kickstarter. So while it may be ready for testing, it might not be ready for prime time. Still going into testing is a major step forward!

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    If this is a joke then by gossimer strings that have held my hope aloft shall they be snipped and i be trust into dantes inferno. My heart which sailed up wings of icarus will feel the sting of this jest and land upon the earth cast down from the heavens. Let us hear and rejoice a confirmation affirmation of this tentative news so it goes from tribulation to jubilation

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    the Cruelest Joke on the Planet

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you Doug ! You can take my money

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