Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

The following products have been updated:

Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Campaign
  • [Updated] Reference Manual, change to present the book based on the table of contents

Pathfinder RPG - Occult Adventures
  • [Fixed] Missing image

Pathfinder RPG - GameMastery Guide
  • [Fixed] Internal issues. May cause changes to be lost.

D&D Classics: Temple of Elemental Evil
  • [Updated] Various rooms with descriptions to more clearly explain paths to different levels if they exist
  • [Fixed] Canon Belsornig had one un-memorized spell slot

D&D Classics: Monstrous Manual
  • [Updated] variant tokens for slime/puddings
  • [Updated] Speedfactors for "natural" attacks, set to 0
  • [Updated] Dragon type entries to include color for effect targets
  • [Added] Demi-Lich

D&D Classics: Dungeon Master Guide
  • [Updated] Ring of Animal fiendship powers
  • [Updated] Dust of Dryness powers
  • [Updated] Wand of Earth and Stone powers

D&D Classics: Players Handbook
  • [Updated] Melf's Acid Arrow effects to add more automation
  • [Updated] Confuse Languages spell (reverse of Comprehend Languages)
  • [Updated] Hold * spells effects, hide value set so target doesn't know duration by default

2E Ruleset
  • [Fixed] Max spell slot changes could cause issues with memorized slots. Manual updates greater than 1 digit will not be accepted until entry made and new slot entry selected
  • [Fixed] Skills on npcs added to CT were missing
  • [Updated] Memorization sanity checking to use the spell group "Group Type" setting of Spells instead of using the group Name. If set to "Abilities" none of the spells in group will be able to be memorized
  • [Updated] Weapon proficiencies applied to weapons are associated differently to avoid problems with character import or placing in the Combat Tracker
  • [Updated] Auto/Bulk Combat Tracker initiative for NPCs will use size mod if weapon attacks have a speedfactor of zero, otherwise it will use the slowest attack modifier
  • [Updated] Ring and Cloak of Protection will now follow DMG restrictions
  • [Updated] Removed "Log" tab. Clone to NPC moved to "Notes" tab for DM/Host
  • [Updated] Various help URLS to new website documentation
  • [Updated] Various alignment/font cleanup for FGU changes
  • [Added] THACO setting to Combat Details, made THACO setting on main character sheet read only to avoid accidental changes
  • [Added] Item Weapon properties can now contain damage types that will be applied on attack

D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • [Fixed] Eladrin Subrace causing issues when selecting Elf race from other modules
  • [Fixed] Typo in one magic item

D&D Player’s Handbook
  • [Fixed] Cost of Spyglass
  • [Fixed] Typos

5E SRD data
  • [Fixed] Costs of certain ammos
  • [Fixed] Multiclass proficiencies missing for Cleric and Druid
  • [Fixed] Burglar’s Pack

5E SRD magic items
  • [Fixed] Sunblade missing

The House of R'lyeh
  • [Fixed] Image filenames and entries

Secrets of New Orleans
  • [Fixed] Image filename and entry
  • [Fixed] Updated to current version standards

Pulp Cthulhu (CoC7E)
  • [Fixed] Image filename and entry
  • [Fixed] Updated to current version standards

Secrets of New York
  • [Fixed] Image entry

Mini-Dungeon Monthly #2
  • [Fixed] Image entry

AAW Map Pack Vol 4
  • [Fixed] Image entry

D&D Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus
  • [Fixed] Decal extension

Pathfinder RPG - Advanced Class Guide
  • [Updated] Reference Manaul and image locations