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    Hello there. New GURPS and FG player here. I would love to join in on a GURPS session if one is available. Feel free to ping me via PM.

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    Hi there,

    I'm an old FG and GURPS player/GM. Would love to get back to GURPS if anyone is running a session. Could even GM after I get used to it again.


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    Hi Zen,
    Might be a good idea to list your times of availability (for either of playing or GM'ing).

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    Hello all,
    Looking to get into a GURPS game. I have FGU and FGC both at Ultimate level and am on Discord. Played GURPS a few years ago (4e/home brew) and have not been able to find a group since I moved back to my home. My availability is a little wonky but good for at least one day a month (which rotates nearly every month). Typically weekends in the late afternoon or early evening and I am in the PST (UTC-8) time zone. I can GM but it will take a while to set anything up. I have never GMed for GURPS but have GMed for other systems. Please PM me if you have a spot available.

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