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    it looks awsome, maybe you could share it as a mod? the PHB i mean

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    The artwork looks amazing. Very nice stuff.
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    I would love to share the modules, but as they contain the full Players Handbook and Gamemasters Guide, at the moment this is not possible

    We had short game last night - the group finally reached The Hollows and received cold welcome by Pollmor, but since they helped the merchants and killed the ogres (in addition to nice explanation on their intentions), the feared orcs and wolfkins, accompanied by the woman Samira were granted access. They are under the scrutiny of the militia, but after they managed to help the village and push back the pillaging goblins that came at night, the future looks bright for them.

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    wow,the artwork looks amazing. Very nice stuff.

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    Is there an extension you're using for MoreCore? Or is it just work you've done within that ruleset?

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    I just stumbled o nthis thread - the prep work you've done is incredible - the players must love it. Is the artwork part of the published setting or have you acquired it with your game prep? I don't know anything about this rpg - is there a kingdom management component (extrapolating based on the tokens you assembled). Great work!

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    Where did you get all the tokens from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmandeville View Post
    Where did you get all the tokens from?
    The tokens for the map markers are done using Token Tools ( with the art from the official Forbidden Lands PDF set. One of the files in the bundle contain the map stickers. PC/NPC tokens with art found on Internet
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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