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    I'd be happy to just have Peru released to tide me over.
    Looking forward to the release.

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    Super excited for this.
    I bash.

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    If it's even possible to do, I would gladly pay for the whole adventure up front, and get chapters as they come out. Looking forward to this, such an insane(pun intended) adventure.

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    My group played the prelude two years ago, now we will begin New York. Looking foward to any news about MoN 7th for FG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detroitus View Post
    Saw this in the store this morning...
    That is an early edition. Missing the expansions of the 7E version like the prologue adventure in Peru.

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    Ah... I see. I didn't look that closely at it. Thanks.

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    Is there an eta on this?
    I bash.

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    Would also like to get a status update on this when you get the time. I have a group of itching to play this but we are holding off until its released so would be a day 1 purchase for me too.

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