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    MoreCore theme creating questions

    Hi, I've been creating a new theme for MoreCore and I've got couple of questions. I'm changing a lot of looks and there are few things that I haven't been able to locate or figure out how to change them. I'd like to change and tweak these things:
    • Buttons "help" and "cancel" buttons on top of the windows
    • The hotbar texture or frame
    • Title font on windows
    • the frame where there are tweak-able numbers, this appears on for example on options screen and the rolls screen.

    I'd like to make this something that everyone can use, and I'm not really sure how to create a packaged extension file. Additionally, I'd like to include something that I use quite often in my GM:ing. I use clocks from blades in the dark in other games and I found the clock extension as a good baseline but not something that I'm really able to use. This is not currently a pressing issue in my theme creation but something that I'd like to include.

    Edit: I've found how to edit the buttons and I've found how to edit the hotbar graphics. I've also found how to edit the title font on the windows, however I cannot change the font in some manner for example, if I can't change the font to bold or to extra bold but I can add a shadow to it and I can change the size, I have no clue why. I still haven't found a way to edit the text frames with tweak-able numbers or some textfields with insertable text.

    Second Edit: I managed to solve all the problems.
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