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    Thanks for pointing that out. I might need to do drop down boxes for that as well. I'll look into it and see why those aren't working right for you.

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    I took care of that issue for you by making a drop down list to make it easier.

    Here is a pic of the new charactersheet. Still need to get the rolls to work right for defenses, but should be ready by tonight.


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    Updated first post with updated version of the extension. I'm starting to think it might be time to port this over to a full ruleset. I think once I have the combat tracker automated and things smoothed out there, then I'll port it over to a full ruleset.

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    Looks pretty cool!

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    Superb work superteddy57 - you are smashing this!

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    Thanks! That did the trick.

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    It seems that Complex Forms don't have a Duration field.

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    You are correct. I can sort that out. Give me some time to get off work and I can do a quick fix for that.

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    No rush. Just pointing it out.

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    What is the proper formatting for the Walk Rate, Run Rate, and Sprint fields for Metatypes to have it populate on the Character Sheet? I have tried the phrasing from the book (Agility x[number], x[number], and just a [number]). None seem to work for me. Also I can get the Sprint number to populate though I can manually change that one.

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