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    Let's not deviate him from this. I like it, but I want mooore! *grins*

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    Haha, well, the next ideas and moves I want to make with this would be to crack open the CT and give DMs more of a streamline. Cut down on the window spam I have it at the moment.

    Keep the suggestions coming and also the problems. I'll get to them as quickly as I see them.

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    Looks great. My group has been waiting on a working shadowrun 5 set. I will setup a game and have them test this thanks so much

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    I was adding some weapons to the items list. I entered all the information in the main tab, clicked over to the other tab and entered a description but it also requests all the information for the weapon a second time on that tab. It didn't seem to matter what I did with that section (adding weapon stats, not adding weapon stats), but it might be more self-explanatory if it just put the weapon data entry info on the first page and description on the second. Or even a description field on the first tab. Not really sure what would be best on your coding side but 2x the data entry stats is confusing.

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    Can you show me an image? I tested weapons and all I had to do was add the item type and it populated the boxes.

    If you are referring to the inventory tab, then yes, you are right, they aren't linked. I would use the inventory tab for gear and populate the boxes with the other items. I don't have them linked and not sure when I will get them to do so.

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    It works perfectly. There is just an area that is a little unclear (and caused me to double my data entry needlessly until I figured out it wasn't needed).

    If you create a weapon (say an Ares Predator V) and type in all the stats on the main tab, then click to the other tab and add the description. A link icon pops up in the description window, if you click the link icon it brings up another window with the description but the weapon data isn't there (on the pop up window only, it is still there on the actual window and the item db). The pop up window doesn't really seem to do anything other than pop up and add a little confusion.

    Now that I know to ignore, it I just ignore it. Just figured I'd drop in and point it out.

    In general, the ruleset is rockin.

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    I'm so eager to try this out. Thank you!

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    I'm very excited to try this out! One question, how do I put modifiers to the rolls? Let say that when defending you gain a +2 because of cover, how do I add those positive or negative dices to the pool?

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    Great question and at the moment not implemented. The modifier box unfortunately is something I'm working on to increase or decrease the dice pool you roll. It's on my to do list. When I was running my one shots I would take away dice from the roll usually the last two and add dice by rolling them separately.
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    That's a great idea, to use the modifier box to increase or decrease the dice pool. I'll start a shadowrun's entire campaign on FG using your extension, I'll be glad to help on anything visual.

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