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    I see a similar issue reported for a different Unity app where there is a conflict with a Citrix driver. Uninstalling the Citrix driver supposedly corrects it and newer versions of Unity allow a re-build which avoids the conflict as well. Do you happen to have Citrix installed on your system?

    I use Citrix on all three computers I tried this. I use it for work. Removing it solved this indeed. Thanks, that would have taken ages to find, if at all. I am using another Unity app on these systems which does work (FlowScape, very recommended), so it’s not an issue with every Unity app.
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    It works, /cheer. I'm happy with the campaign export result. That saves me a lot of hassle. The character export needs some work for me. I get better results with https://www.alonlinetools.net/FGCharacterSheet.aspx. Only the first page is filled. Will take a look at the XLS file.

    A minor niggle: the output folder selection did not work for me. Somehow it defaults to a non existing folder at my system and I couldn't change this in the file browser. Typing over it worked though.

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    Has anyone added to the template library at all?

    Was hoping for cards to print items.

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    Tried to edit today, but I lack proper tooling. XSL transformations by hand is doable, but no fun at all. And tooling is either paid, or geared to programmers. I'd like a drag and drop interface, without paying lots and/or installing a bunch of tools which in the end only work well on a unix platform.

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