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    The following functions seem to work and align the Golarian calendar with the ones I found online. I've attached the mod/ext I used for testing. This was the online calendar I compared against. https://dungeonetics.com/calendar/

    function calcGolarionLunarDay(nYear, nMonth, nDay)
    	local nZellerYear = nYear;
    	local nZellerMonth = nMonth;
    	if nMonth <  then
    		nZellerYear = nZellerYear - 1;
    		nZellerMonth = nZellerMonth + 12;
    	local nZellerDay = (nDay + math.floor(2.6*(nZellerMonth + 1)) + nZellerYear + math.floor(nZellerYear / 8) -1)  % 7;
    	if nZellerDay == 0 then
    		return 7;
    	return nZellerDay;
    function calcGolarionMonthVar(nYear, nMonth)
    	if nMonth == 2 then
    		local nYear = DB.getValue("calendar.current.year", 0);
    		if (nYear % 8) == 0 then
    			return 1;
    	return 0;
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    Ok, I've pushed the changes in the CoreRPG ruleset; and the included calendar module. You'll have to reset the calendar; and add it back from the calendar module again.


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    I have a couple of questions.

    I mostly have a calendar mod done. I managed to get 4 of the 5 calendars the way I want them.

    I used the generator/converter that was linked a few pages back.

    I am trying to create the Shire Calendar from the Lord of the Rings.

    Every year always starts of Saturday, and ends on Friday.

    There are 4 holidays, 1 Yule (the last day of the year), 2 Yule (the first day of the year), 1 Lithe (day before Midyear's Day), 2 Lithe (day after Midyear's Day).

    There are up to two days in the middle of the year. The first is Midyear's Day, the second is called Overlithe and only occurs on Leap Years.

    I have the calendar setup except for being able to setup Midyear's Day and Overlithe (for Leap Years) to not appear as actual days of the week.

    So for example, 1 Lithe would be on Friday, and 2 Lithe would be on Saturday. Midyear's day would fall in between the two Lithe days, but is not is not assigned to a day of the week. Overlithe is the same for leap years.

    Can this be done?

    Another issue I am having is that it is not setting days properly. Months always start on the same day instead (Saturday) of progressing like expected, so for example 1 Yule is on a Saturday, Afteryule 1 is a Sunday (or should be). If I set it as Gregorian, it oddly skips a day between each the end of each period/month and the next, basically going from Saturday to Monday in the example of 1 Yule and Afteryule.

    I'm not sure how to address this issue.
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