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    @vegaserik Try downloading and install Windows .NET 4.6.1 Here is a link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down....aspx?id=49981

    Let me know if that works.

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    Says I have it or a later update already installed. I think it's me, the last few weeks have been like this for everything hahaha

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    Just found one of the decals for this in the FG store that did not correctly escape ampersands in the extension.xml file for root.properties.name and root.properties.description. (i.e. AD&D -> AD&D)

    Also, there was an unneeded extension2.xml.

    Just thought I'd mention in case you hadn't already seen those.


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    Version has been released. Fixed XML Encoding Error, Aligned form fields, Added revision to version numbering scheme, added automatic update feature.
    Note: You will have to manually uninstall any old version before installing v1.1.6.25

    Download GMW Decal Maker

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    Congratulations! great work! and one question :)

    I have just installed and tried the app to build a custom theme. It's amazing how simple it works. a must in my list of favourite apps for FG!

    now the question...When I use the /scaleui 70 chat option to get more space the in the desktop, the background image doesn´t fit the desktop. there is any option in FG to resize the background image automatically when scaling the ui?

    Kind regards and thankg for sharing your work.

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    I'm glad you found it easy to use and are enjoying it. FG will tile the image, and currently there is no way to make the background image scale. Sometimes it's difficult to find a background image that will work well with the different screen resolutions of your players. I make all my background 1920x1080 (my normal screen size) and try to ensure that it will look good for players on smaller screen resolutions. Being a multiple monitor FG GM, I've learned to accept the tiling and less than perfect backgrounds on my end. One trick I use from time to time is to vignette the image and have it fade to black in order to make it look better when tiling.

    Let me know if I can be of any more help. Make sure to post a screenshot to show us your creation.

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    Hey Wintermute

    Thank you for this app! We now have a very cool decal/background in our campaign

    Please excuse the beginner question but does the extension the app creates affect the desktopdecalpanel in desktop_panels.xml?

    I posted a question about resizing this panel and Moon Wizard provided some instructions; unfortunately, it didn't work, so I wanted to check if this is due to me using an extension created by this app or if I am doing something wrong.

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    Glad you are enjoying the app. No the app doesn't modify the desktopdecalpanel at all. It just adds new options (decals) to it. I have not tried resizing decals at all.

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    Thanks for the app. I was able to make a decal extension for Mad Mage since it doesn't seem to come with one. I love the ease of use of the app.

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