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    Thanks for the response. Am I right in thinking that a "safe" image would be one with a picture that is centered surrounded by a scheme that will blend with itself?

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    Thats certainly a good idea.
    On a large screen the image will tile.
    So the right edge must match the left edge and the bottom edge must match the top edge for a clean look.
    On a very large screen it may still not be awesome looking but it will still be better than one that only works on a specific screen size.

    You can get an idea how it will look on other screen sizes by using:

    /scaleui 125
    /scaleui 75
    /scaleui 60
    /scaleui 50

    As the OP suggests 1920x1080 is a good baseline size.
    Its good for two main reasons.

    Its probably the most common screen size.
    Its as close as you can get (in common sizes) to the maximum image width.

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    Damned is always in the know. lol. I based the 1920x1080 recommendation on my own experience. I try to select backgrounds that will still look good at different screen sizes while being covered with the chat box. Lots of trial, error, and flipping the images.

    Having a safe zone and then feathering out to a solid color is a good idea. I create so many backgrounds for my campaigns that I don't spend a whole lot of time photoshopping them. For my two adventure paths, I've created 40-50 backgrounds over 18 months. Most of my backgrounds are good enough instead of being perfect.

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    I have tried several times to do this myself and have failed due to serious lack of coding skills. Thank you for this... the wait was worth it.

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    Agreed this is great, now if only skinning the whole ruleset was this easy!!
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    This is Sweet! I think I'll be using this on my Curse of Strahd campaign, changing the background image depending on the location...

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    You are really GREAT!! Thank you!

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    This is amazing I have wanted to learn to do themes forever ( I had figured out decals) and I learned this in five minutes, I need to play with image sizing a bit, it took my graphic, cut one end and pasted it to the other side, kind of like a wrap around? Other than that it was perfect, all ready shared out over at Savage Mojo Discord.

    Update: I read some tips here, went back and changed my UI first to 100% then 90% (I normally have 80%) and it scaled correctly at 90%. VERY cool.
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    I have toyed with these things to varying degrees of success. Thanks for the tool!

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    Very nice sir! I am use 5ed D&D to Run Esper Genesis and this just makes it so much better!
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