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    I'm interested. Contacted you by pm. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jake98989 View Post
    I am interested if there is still room
    Quote Originally Posted by mordenkainen View Post
    I'm interested. Contacted you by pm. Thanks.
    I sent both of you a Game Calendar invite because the campaign is currently set to private (and you won't see it listed there by default). We don't use the calendar much because no one seems to check there for updates, and so we mostly use discord (link in my signature).

    Also, just for clarification, it is not a new campaign, most players just made 3rd level. All new players start at 1st (you'll hit 2nd pretty quick). Both of you are "in" if you want and if later, you decide it's not the kind of game you are looking for that's cool. All we ask is you just give a heads up that you are dropping out and not just disappear without a word.

    NOTE: The thread title says "Fridays" but I was unable to edit it. The actual game day is Saturday.
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