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    LFP - Recruiting for 5E game (Playing evenings GMT Europe)

    Looking for players to join existing group playing in Forgotten Realms.

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    Im a new player. Would that be acceptable?
    How far into your current adventures are you?
    What days, times and frequency of play?

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    I'm game if the day& time work (not wednesday evenings)
    I also do TTPRG D&D5e every 2 weeks on wednesday.

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    Do you still do a Wednesday group? Looking to get into one.

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    Post needs more info. Day/time, frequency (weekly, bi weekly, monthly?), expected duration of each session and how many sessions overall, how many players you're looking for, name of campaign, roleplay to combat ratio, plot hook, character creation restrictions, allowed modules, starting level and equipment, character stat assignment method, communications programs (are you using a program like teamspeak or discord to communicate), communication method (is all of your gameplay done through text chatting, or do you plan to communicate with your players through voice?), and anything you might expect from your players.

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    West Lancashire, UK
    I suggest looking at and using this Template for listing for looking for players posts: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-Game-Listings, it will save a lot of questions.

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    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: Central
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Any day and anytime probably through at least July with Covid-19 and stuff, except for 4:30PM-9PM on Wednesdays and Sundays because I'm doing other campaigns during that time.
    Will the game be recorded or streamed?: No

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: Been involved in a couple 5e campaigns just amongst high school friends
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Average, I know the basics but I've never played with someone that knows the ins and outs super well so I don't really know where I stand in comparison to others

    Character Type Preferred: I'll play almost anything.

    About me: I am 23 and pretty bored during this Covid 19 lockdown stuff. I'm just looking for ways to pass the time.

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    Hello !!!

    I'm also lock-down in Barcelona and would love to play a campaign with European times.
    I am playing with my f2f group on Weekends so I'm looking for a group to play Mon-Tue at anytime (afternoon or night).
    I have an ultimate account for FGU and I can play as player or as a DM (though I will prefer to play as a player).
    I usually play utility character (mage, cleric...) but I can adapt and play anything.

    Let's get some D&D campaigns running in Europe.


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