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    New version uploaded.
    Make sure to use the current (new) build of MoreCore.
    Several bugs fixed.
    Feedback welcome.

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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    Two Trail of Cthulu Humble Bundles have just gone up for sale!:
    The original Trail of Cthulu Bundle from 2014
    A new Cities of Cthulu bundle including Cthulu City, Dreamhounds of Paris, and more.

    I am tempted and likely to succumb...

    Who would like to run some Trail of Cthulu games? Count me in as a player.
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    FG Con 15 Fantasy Grounds Online RPG Convention - Nov. 8-10, 2019

    Register at for all the latest info.
    Book events here!

    Running: GUMSHOE--Esoterrorists; Learning: The One Ring
    Want to play: City of Mist, Dresden Files RPG, Orpheus, Changeling (either version)

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